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AfterDark Estrozole Anti Estrogen
Looking to reduce estrogen levels? Want to look leaner and less bloated? Maybe you plan on taking any sort of prohormone or hormonal supplement, you need an estrogen blocking supplement! AfterDark Estrozole is the ultimate product for not only reducing estrogen levels, but increasing your natural testosterone. But it doesn’t stop there. This supplement helps to prevent hair loss, support the prostate and promote overall health and detoxification.

Benefits of AfterDark Estrozole
Prevents Excess Estrogen
Increases Natural Testosterone Levels
Decreases Aromatase Enzyme Activity
Take it Alone, or With Your Prohormone Cycle
Directions & Dosage
AfterDark recommends that you take three capsules per day. They can be taken all at once or split up every 8 hours. Take for a max of two months on, one month off.

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