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TONE includes a unique array of weight loss components and antioxidants, plus a beauty blend to promote healthier hair, skin, and nail growth — all to help you become stronger, leaner, and more confident.

TONE is not a men’s pre-workout repackaged in pink. Not in the least. Instead, it is custom formulated for the female athlete, giving them greater capacity to tone and define their bodies. It is made for those who prefer to disrupt the status quo, to live outside of preconceived notions, to break their own records.

The benefits of TONE include:

• Physique sculpting and slimming
• Weight loss
• Increased antioxidants
• Ideal for aerobic and weight training
• Improves endurance
• Reduces muscle fatigue
• Lowers lactic acid
• Formulated for hair health and nail growth

Rasberry Lemonaid, Strawberry Kiwi


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