Flyte- CLNZ



  • CLNZ is an amazing cleansing supplement that may assist you in improving your digestion and flushing excess water and waste from your body. When attempting to live a healthier lifestyle, you work hard, follow your nutrition program, and incorporate the right supplements to build and strengthen your body. Certain factors such as poor food choices, lack of sleep, and stress can affect the body’s ability to deal with excess waste and fluid, resulting in a number of issues. CLNZ is designed to assist you in naturally releasing this excess waste and fluid, helping you to drop weight and lean out at the same time. CLNZ may also help promote regularity, which is essential for your health and wellbeing.*

  • Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement take 1 serving to determine tolerance. Wait 12 hours. If necessary take 2 servings per day as needed for regularity and bloating. Do not exceed four 4 servings per day.


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