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Muscle Pumps* • Cellular Hydration* • Purity*

Like The OAK said: “The greatest feeling is the pump.” 

Unfortunately, when you consume a leading Glycerol powder: you are also consuming close to the SAME amount of sand. There is a reason that these leading powders are only 65% glycerol: it is only truly stable as a liquid. 

The other 35%… is sand. (Silica) 

Would you grab a handful of sand to eat? 

We’d hope not. 

FSU serum uses clinical grade GlycoClear Glycerol that is 99.7% Pure. 

This Means: instead of building a sandcastle in your belly, you’re shuttling H20 directly into your muscles. 

But there’s more to a pump than glycerol you say? You’re correct. 

In-comes the patented NO3-T® Nitrates. 

FSU ALSO yields a massive 2,000mg of Betaine Nitrate. 


Galaxy Pop, Lemon Strawberry Dream, Sour Rainbow


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