Ultimatum X- Launch




Launch Pre Workout by Ultimatum X is the next game changing performance pre workout to add to your gym bag! Launch contains natural green tea caffeine that hits hard during your entire workout, Citrulline Malate for noticeable muscle pumps, and contains a focus blend to keeps you smashing your goals without distractions. With 9 top rated ingriedients plus a tasty candy blue raspberry flavor our formula works together to get the job done for those 2-3 hours gym sessions.

– 6g of citrulline mallate for those intense muscle pumps

– 3400mg of beta alanine & betaine anhydrous to help improve muscle performance and help reduce lactic build up

– 275mg of natural green tea & 1000mg of taurine to keep you energized for those long gym workouts.

– First pre workout of its kind to contain 200mg of ashwaghanda that helps reduce cortisol levels and prevents adrenal fatigue so every scoop you take hits the same

– A tasty candy blue raspberry flavor that motivates and gets you excited to try it with every scoop


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